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Letter: A first Town Meeting

05-31-2024 11:27 AM

Being fairly new to Peterborough, I had never attended a Town Meeting. I've seen a large number of submissions on major business projects. This one on the new fire station was similar but better than most.I was thrilled by the professionalism of all...

Letter: Questioning character is no argument

05-31-2024 11:27 AM

A little commentary regarding the piece "Personal freedom and common good" by L. Phillips Runyon May 16.Certainly, Runyon displayed some fine writing skills in his essay. I believe I detect a bit of subterfuge in his assertions, though, as evidenced...

Letter: Stop raising the rent

05-31-2024 11:27 AM

This is for my fellow landlords. Listen up. This has got to stop.You’re out here raising rent because it’s “fair market value.” Here’s something “the market” doesn’t ask of you -- “Is this right?”Is it right to exploit one of a human’s basic needs for...

Viewpoint: Nisa Simila – A complicated question

05-24-2024 12:03 PM


“Where are you from?”I'm of Asian descent and living in rural New Hampshire, so I've been asked this question countless times. People often don't realize how complicated it is for me. My siblings and I were born in different countries, to parents who...

View From the River: Stephanie Latini – Take action on mental health

05-24-2024 12:01 PM

The warming, flowering month of May is when the season truly changes here in the Monadnock region. Our community comes alive again -- watching neighbors on long walks, children on bicycles, friends dining al fresco, and gardeners hard at work. The...

Letter: Time for a new amendment

05-23-2024 11:25 AM

Stephen Douglas, the author of the controversial Kansas-Nebraska Act, always claimed that he didn't care if slavery in the new territories was voted “ up or down.” His idea was to leave it to newly formed states to decide for themselves whether to...

Letter: Past time for change at ConVal

05-23-2024 11:24 AM

The New Hampshire School Administrators Association chose an inauspicious time to honor ConVal Superintendent Kimberly Rizzo Saunders as New Hampshire's 2024 superintendent of the year. In March of 2024, the residents of Dublin and Francestown voted...

Letter: Amendments didn’t solve problems

05-23-2024 11:24 AM

In the May 16 article “Zoning proposal fails” Lisa Stone stated, "It is especially disappointing that members of the Affordable Housing Committee were encouraging people not to vote for these amendments." This is an unfair representation.Both Carl...

Letter: The voice of reason for we the people

05-23-2024 11:24 AM

As an undergraduate in New Haven, Conn., who directly experienced the campus unrest during the 1960s, I totally agree with what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said about the very similar events the United States is currently experiencing today.In saying...

Letter: Women's rights are at risk

05-23-2024 11:23 AM

I support women’s reproductive rights, so I am alarmed by the reversal of Roe v. Wade, but I think that the topic of abortion is a distraction from the current risk to all women’s rights.I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Dobbs decision...

Letter: How to stop the internet from spreading lies

05-23-2024 11:23 AM

We have all seen lies and misinformation spread like wildfire because online platforms “repost” content to everyone their software thinks is interested.Look at a dog video on Facebook, and you are flooded with dog videos. On the dark side, click a...

L. Phillips Runyon III – Personal freedom and the common good

05-16-2024 9:02 AM

We’re all disagreeing about a lot of things these days, but I hope we can still say that the three words most critical to our democracy are “We the people,” and not “I’m No. 1.” Sure, we have a Bill of Rights that guarantees the protection of...

Robert Beck: Disturbing demographic trends

05-16-2024 9:01 AM

According to a recently-released report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the fertility rate in America in 2023 fell to 1.62 births per woman, the lowest rate since 1979. The dearth of fecundity in this country is well below the...

Opinion: A digital equity plan for Granite Staters

05-07-2024 12:06 PM


Patrick McDermott is AARP NH’s volunteer state president. New Hampshire has a historic opportunity to expand access to affordable, reliable, high-speed internet to everyone in the state, no matter where they live or their circumstances. Access,...

Letter: Vote no on Peterborough zoning amendment

05-07-2024 12:05 PM

Zoning Amendment 1, which Peterborough residents vote on May 14, rescinds the Family District and rezones properties in that district to General Residence.Family District allows single-family houses, two-family dwellings, accessory dwelling units...

Letter: Visceral politics

05-07-2024 12:05 PM

The future of American democracy is now threatened by mean-spirited “them-us” politics. Historically, our strength has been built on diversity, where immigrants keep adding to the melting pot.Thus, viewed through reasonable brains and compassionate...

Letter: Hook, line and sinker

05-07-2024 12:05 PM

Almost daily calls, multiple times per day, trying to hook seniors entering Medicare eligibility or already in Medicare. The line is you will receive free money and extra benefits not available with regular Medicare – $174 dollars given back, possible...

Editorial – Stay connected

05-07-2024 12:00 PM

The latest in the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript’s digital offerings is an updated free app available for download on Apple and Android devices. For more than a decade, many readers have been using the previous version of the app to read or listen to a...

Viewpoint – Bridging the chasm of political polarization

05-03-2024 1:20 PM


Our founding document, the Declaration of Independence, opens with a national commitment to individual equality and rights, implicitly recognizing and protecting the diversity of America. Enabled by the declaration, we bring to our communities, our...

Letter: Fool me once

05-03-2024 1:19 PM

Our commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Education, Frank Edelblut, now in his second four-year-term, continues to work diligently in his job.Unfortunately, his efforts are focused on undermining our public schools, diverting funds to the...

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