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Letter: Glad Ames is running again

06-25-2024 1:54 PM

State Rep. Dick Ames is one of the most principled, dedicated to the public good politicians we have ever knownAmes has a wonderful talent. It's called listening. He hears his constituents and takes their input into his decision-making process.We are...

Letter: The opposite of ‘common good’

06-25-2024 1:54 PM

L. Phillips Runyon’s Viewpoint (“Personal freedom and the common good,” May 16) contradicts his position that “common good” trumps individualism. He favors “my body, my choice” when it comes to abortion, yet villainizes those taking the identical...

Letter: The people in the photo

06-18-2024 11:58 AM

A friend sent me the wonderful article about Dick Nevell in the May 29 edition (“Nevell remembered as ‘quiet force of culture’).We always celebrated Dick’s birthday together with my youngest daughter Anna, since they were a few days apart. I thought...

Viewpoint: L. Phillips Runyon III – Sad times at the Supreme Court

06-13-2024 8:31 PM

For longtime Supreme Court watchers, this is a bewildering time to fathom what's going on there. And I say that having been both a watcher and a member of the Supreme Court Bar since 1976.  During the court's history, there have certainly been many...

Letter: Wrong read on rights

06-13-2024 3:12 PM

L. Philips Runyon’s recent Viewpoint (“Personal freedom and the common good,” May 16) incorrectly states that the Bill of Rights pertains to collective, not individual, rights. The drafters incorporated a libertarian philosophy predicated upon...

Letter: Biden deserves credit

06-13-2024 3:11 PM

I sincerely hope the public is aware of the many beneficial bills President Joe Biden has pushed through a hostile Congress. But right now I see public opinion, fanned by that hostile Congress, forcing him to hop from one leg to the other to satisfy...

Letter: Grace happens

06-11-2024 11:53 AM

While numerous things can go wrong in the course of a human life, typically it’s a complex journey of grace-happening events.From a religious view, God doesn’t make trash. Rather, God is both the source and 24/7 presence of all that is, including...

Letter: Running again

06-11-2024 11:53 AM

I am pleased to announce that I am again campaigning for re-election, asking the voters of Dublin and Jaffrey to return me to the New Hampshire House of Representatives for a seventh two-year term.Election results in 2020 and 2022 have enabled a...

Editorial – Seeking solutions

06-11-2024 11:53 AM

The Monadnock Ledger-Transcript has been selected to participate in the Solutions Journalism Network program designed for small, rural news organizations. In this six-month training program, our news team will learn how to incorporate solutions...

Letter: Thanks to volunteers

06-06-2024 1:49 PM

Every year, on the first warm, rainy nights of spring, thousands of amphibians migrate to wetlands to breed. Many are killed when they must cross roads. In response, the Harris Center coordinates volunteer salamander crossing brigades, who move...

Letter: Thanks for support

06-06-2024 1:48 PM

Thank you to the Peterborough residents for electing me to another term on the Planning Board. I very much appreciate your support.Andrew DunbarPeterborough

Letter: Another view of the question

06-06-2024 1:48 PM

I found Nisa Simila’s column on the question “Where are you from?” (“A complicated question,” May 28) to be enlightening, and I applaud her for sharing her perspective, with several pertinent examples. It was thought-provoking and I benefited from...

Viewpoint: Robert Beck – Challenges in the Middle East

06-06-2024 11:31 AM

This is the first in a series of articles focused on key foreign policy challenges for the next U.S. president. The articles will run between now and the general election on Nov. 5. Over the past half-century, the best intentions of U.S. foreign...

Letter: Thanks for care

06-04-2024 12:34 PM

My family and I want to express our deepest gratitude to all who have helped us in our journey with our father/husband Roger W. Murray Sr. for the past three years.Many thanks to the police and rescue personnel in Dublin who on more than one occasion...

Letter: RFK Jr. is the threat to Biden

06-04-2024 12:32 PM

The real political problem for President Joe Biden is Robert Kennedy Jr.RFK Jr. is on the ballot in 16 states representing 229 electoral votes. In 31 of the remaining states, the petition signature process is well underway. In the last three states,...

Letter: Kennedy for President?

06-04-2024 12:32 PM

On May 23,, the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript published a letter from Rebecca Hull endorsing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for president (“The voice of reason for we the people”). Every time I hear his name, the 1980s song "Lunatic Fringe" pops into my head.RFK...

Letter: Civil War monument was hard to reach

06-04-2024 12:31 PM

My husband and I traveled through Peterborough on Thursday, May 23. We were on a scenic tour of New Hampshire towns reading historical markers and stopping to see Civil War monuments. Peterborough has a lovely monument at the G.A.R. building, but it's...

Letter: DEAC presents a dilemma

06-04-2024 12:31 PM

I read that the Dublin Education Advisory Committee is having a forum on the future of Dublin public school students on the evening of June 13. That's also when the South Meadow School eighth-grade farewell ceremony will be taking place.For those...

Letter: Climate Cafe need

06-04-2024 12:30 PM

Twenty people attended the first Climate Cafe in Peterborough, which was held at Peterborough Town Library. This start of this involvement was facilitated by Lisa, who will be a salutatorian at ConVal's 2024 graduation ceremony. Lisa and five of her...

Viewpoint: Mark Beckwith – We must learn how to share the land

05-31-2024 11:28 AM


A couple of weeks ago, I came across this passage from my daily reading – “From the wilderness and the Lebanon as far as the great river, the river Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites, to the Great Sea in the west shall be your territory. No one...

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