Letter – School Board members made great effort

Published: 03-26-2024 12:20 PM

In a recent letter to the editor (“ConVal board members should resign”), a writer harshly criticized the ConVal School Board for its attempts to control costs (and our taxes) by diligently investigating an option to consolidate schools. I disagree totally with the writer's assessment. I feel it defamed our elected board members, fellow taxpayers, who give of their time (with very little pay) to serve the district.

I read the detailed school board mailings, the articles and both pro and con letters in the Ledger-Transcript. To me, the School Board was bending over backwards and putting in a huge amount of effort to offer voters cost-saving, education-enhancing options. I truly appreciate the time they devoted.

The entire endeavor was always about offering voters a choice at the ballot box -- not taking power from the voters (an argument I heard from some). The majority of voters decided, as was always the plan.

I hope whenever taxpayers complain about high school taxes going forward, they remember the incredible effort the board put in to try and address the issue.

Tricia Saenger