Letter: Thanks for help at the reading

Published: 07-09-2024 11:57 AM

The 24th annual July 4 reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Jaffrey Meetinghouse was a festive and patriotic occasion enjoyed by all. 

Thanks to Suze Campbell of Jaffrey Center Village Improvement Society, presenters Lee Backstrom and Beckham Gaudreault, readers Todd Muilenberg, Peter Lambert, Cassandra Leach, Dawn Cournoyer, Charlie Turcotte, Judy Driscoll, Greg Susz, Franklin Sterling, Randi Ziter, Emma Murray, Bill Schofield, David Belletete, Martha Gilroy, ElysiaDevens, Daniel Wilfrid, Deb Weissman, Lilianne Weibel Tulio, Dave Kemp, Sandra Stewart, Jill Twombly, Jon Frederick, Peter Maki, Kathy McCloy Raleigh, David Chamberlain, Vicki Arceci, Margaret Gourley, Steven Brackett, Randy Cournoyer, Veronica Gogel, Max Mitchell, Eunice Jadlocki, Andy Lawn, Bill Raymond, Debra LeClair, John Stone, Paul Robb, Pamela Hill, Jay Mercado, Emily Carr, Hutch Hutchinson and TarahCastiglioni.

Thanks to reader coordinators Judith Goff and Carrie Desrosiers, Virginia Eskin, Bill Raymond, Nancy Belletete, Rob Stephenson, Scouts Dax Castiglioni, Charlotte Hutchinson, Ethan Hutchinson and Oliver Tullio, Sean Driscoll, Jacqueline Johnson, Jaffrey Fire Chief David Chamberlain and Jaffrey firefighters, Gunilla Johanson, Patty and Tony Scholl and Pauline and Steve Brackett.

Robert Stephenson


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