Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Middle/Senior High School names honor roll

Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Middle/Senior High School

Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Middle/Senior High School —FILE PHOTO

Published: 02-08-2024 2:49 PM

Modified: 02-08-2024 2:58 PM

Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Middle/Senior High School named its high honors and honors students for the first semester.

Grade six high honors

Matthew Caragher, Joseph Chumbley, Kendall Dahl, Colby Kenney, Colin Lawrie, Callista Miller and Avery Niquette.

Grade six honors

Gabriella Abasciano, Devon Crouse, Jayce Eklund, Callie Gauthier, Alexis Gomez, Abigail Hall, Benjamin Hamilton, Addison Jones, Emelia  Leach, Julianna O'Brien, Charlee Rinke-Stanford, Caroline Siekman, Madilynn Smith and Hannah Taylor.

Grade seven high honors

Cadence Hazelton and William Magoffin.

Grade seven honors

Colby Allen, Connor Allen, Jameson Benn, Vivian Boss, Cameron Butt, Matthew Hannigan, Izabella Hibbard, Owen Lavallee, James Lord, Colton Nickerson, Addison Routhier, Madison Stevens and Andie White.

Grade eight high honors

Evan Kimball and Owen Pearsall.

Grade eight honors

Vincenzo Anzalone, Sydney Beam, Kiana Bigue, Evan Crotty, McKenna Crouse, Kayden Graham, Esme Howe, Hailey Martens, Mackensie Skiff, Juniper Wentworth and Alannah Wowianko.

Grade nine high honors

Emily Hazelton and Isabella Mason.

Grade nine honors

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Amaya Adair, Jason Caragher, Lillyn Drake, Joseph Hare, Riley Johnson, Eila O'Toole and Eden Rizzuto.

Grade 10 high honors

Jason Benn and Vittorre Anzalone.

Grade 10 honors

Taylor Cole, Delaney Dowling, Olivia Hussey, Arayena Kansakar, Madison Labrecque, Brianna Linehan, Joshua Lord, Aynsley Potter and Kasey Rondeau.

Grade 11 high honors

Harrison Krug.

Grade 11 honors

Eric (Jasper) Byrne, Lillian Case, Jaryd Clark, Madison Clough, Damian Demanche, Caleb Gauthier, Lillian Gibson, Benjamin Jacob and Noah Jaffe.

Grade 12 high honors

Holly Church, Audra Rizzuto and Sandra Sanchez Heras.

Grade 12 honors

Chloe Abbott, Kayan Bozarth, Nicholas Fantasia, Kayla Sours and Andrew Sweeney.