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Nora Suarez Lewis to speak about Black history at Amos Fortune Forum

07-18-2024 8:31 AM

The third presentation at the 77th annual Amos Fortune Forum 2024 summer speaker series will feature Nora Suarez Lewis, development associate for the Black Heritage Trail of NH, who will present “The Journey from Enslaved to Patriot: Amos Fortune and...

1833 Society receives grant for Peterborough Town Library

07-18-2024 8:31 AM

The 1833 Society has received $10,000 from an anonymous donor, which will be put toward the Peterborough Library Endowment Fund.The 1833 Society was created with a mission to raise the funds necessary to renovate and rebuild the Peterborough Town...

Chamberlin Free Public Library host session on protecting identity

07-18-2024 8:00 AM

Chamberlin Free Public Library, 46 Main St., and AARP New Hampshire will present “Your Identity: Staying Connected & Protected” Wednesday, July 24, at 7 p.m.Millions of consumers are victims of identity fraud and identity theft every year. The...

New Hampshire expects next year's food waste ban to increase diversion to facility market

07-17-2024 1:19 PM


If you generate one ton or more of food waste per week in New Hampshire, starting in February you will no longer be allowed to dump it in landfills or incinerators. This change isn’t likely to affect households, but it will have a significant impact...

Storms knock out power, including at Peterborough Plaza, RiverMead

07-17-2024 12:09 PM


Despite several reported lightning strikes in the area, no injuries or major damage was reported after  thunderstorms passed through the region Tuesday evening, although hundreds were left without power.As of Wednesday morning, the Peterborough Plaza...

SEEKING SOLUTIONS: Antrim purchases sling to help horses and other large livestock

07-17-2024 11:43 AM


Sharon Westen realized soon after moving to New Hampshire that there are fewer services for horses than what she was used to in the densely populated suburbs outside Dallas. “In Dallas, there are equine vets and farriers  and horse stuff all over the...

Karen Seaver to discuss ‘Life on the Ice’ at Hancock Town Library

07-17-2024 8:33 AM

Karen Seaver will discuss “Life on the Ice: A Season of Ecological Research in Antarctica” Thursday, July 18, at 7 p.m. at the Hancock Town Library, 25 Main St.Antarctica, Earth’s largest desert, holds many species and systems that can assist in a...

BUSINESS QUARTERLY: Small grant makes big difference for Mason library

07-16-2024 12:06 PM


While ARPA-funded projects like infrastructure repairs or safety improvements may have cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, smaller grants have also funded important improvements.For example, a grant of $1,158 given to the Mason Public...

BUSINESS QUARTERLY: ARPA funds give Greenfield departments more room to operate

07-16-2024 12:04 PM


Thanks to $196,000 in ARPA funding, the Town of Greenfield was able to shift the town clerk’s office into a separate space in the basement of the town offices, and move the Police Department out of the basement and across the common to the building...

BUSINESS QUARTERLY: From sewer lines to libraries, towns have spent ARPA funding in a variety of ways

07-16-2024 12:03 PM

Staff Report

When the occupants of the approximately 200 homes in Bennington who are on town water and sewer get their bills, those costs should be more accurate, thanks to new digital water and sewer meters.According to Town Administrator Deb Davidson, the new...

BUSINESS QUARTERLY – ARPA funds provide boost for unexpected project in Jaffrey

07-16-2024 12:01 PM


Jaffrey is facing a problem similar to that of many small communities in the country – an aging water and sewer infrastructure that will be highly expensive to replace.When, during a routine camera inspection of the sewer main on Stratton Road, the...

BUSINESS QUARTERLY: Steve Kim – Persistent inflation: time to worry?

07-16-2024 11:01 AM

If you have been reading the news, you have probably noticed that inflation has been a top headliner. Questions and concerns are rising – when will inflation drop, and when will the Fed cut interest rates, if at all? As the months creep by and we...

BUSINESS QUARTERLY: Nisa Simila – Say goodbye to tax-time surprises

07-16-2024 8:32 AM

As site coordinator of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program at The River Center, I have seen filers come away reeling from the shock of large tax bills.Perhaps they didn’t understand their paystubs or tax liability. Maybe they had life changes...

BUSINESS QUARTERLY: Dan Petrone – ARPA grants as a catalyst for change

07-16-2024 8:31 AM

The American Rescue Plan Act, enacted in March 2021, has been a financial resource for towns across the United States, including in New Hampshire. By allocating funding to local governments, ARPA aimed to abate the economic impacts of COVID-19.These...

100+ Women Who Care schedule meeting in Peterborough

07-16-2024 8:00 AM

100+ Women Who Care Monadnock, a local giving circle, will hold its quarterly meeting on Thursday, July 18, at the RiverMead auditorium, 150 RiverMead Road.  Registration opens at 6 p.m. for registration and refreshments. The meeting will begin...

ConVal feasibility study nears deadline

07-15-2024 2:39 PM


As the deadline to make a decision on the feasibility of Dublin and Francestown withdrawing from the ConVal School district draws closer, the ConVal Feasibility Study Committee is honing in on questions that still need to be answered before the group...

Jaffrey Planning Board tour addresses Stony Brook issues

07-15-2024 2:23 PM


On Monday, the Jaffrey Planning Board spent an hour touring the property of the proposed Stony Brook development off of Route 124, viewing areas where the development has encroached beyond boundary lines and where trees had been cut and soil...

Annette Polan speaks about Sandra Day O’Connor at Amos Fortune Forum

07-15-2024 1:04 PM


Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to be appointed an associate justice on the United States Supreme Court, credited her experiences growing up on a male-dominated ranch for her ability to work on a team of entirely male justices, according to...

Leila Philip speaks at Monadnock Summer Lyceum on beavers’ environmental role

07-15-2024 12:43 PM


According to author and environmental studies professor Leila Philip, who spoke at Sunday’s Monadnock Summer Lyceum at Peterborough Unitarian Universalist Church, beavers could hold a key to environmental resilience in the face of climate...

Youth killed in Jaffrey crash

07-14-2024 8:15 PM

A 17-year-old from Dublin died Saturday after the electric scooter he was riding was involved in an accident with a car.According to a press release from the Jaffrey Police Department, the department was dispatched at 1:10 p.m. to a head-on motor...

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