Letter: Biden deserves credit

Published: 06-13-2024 3:11 PM

I sincerely hope the public is aware of the many beneficial bills President Joe Biden has pushed through a hostile Congress. But right now I see public opinion, fanned by that hostile Congress, forcing him to hop from one leg to the other to satisfy what they think he ought to do to win their approval, and thus, re-election. That’s a lose-lose scenario. 

Except for Donald Trump, who doesn’t care about serving the best interests of the U.S., only his need for power and affirmation, no one with ethics could satisfy an all those demands. This time, he would shut down the “fake news” and steamroll over any protests, ensuring his dictatorship with the swipe of his Sharpie and the nods from his SCOTUS.

Before the Netanyahu/Israel/Hamas pustule broke open, there were the violent protests clamoring for Biden to somehow end their eons-long war, and there was the (allegedly) poor economy he had to fix. Before that was China, the climate crisis, and always lurking in the background are Vladimir Putin and his cohort, Trump. 

The lists of legislation that vocal splinter groups demand of this man is staggering. In essence, their message is, “If you don't solve the most current problem, I won’t vote for you.” It’s an impossible political conundrum. The president is tiring, and looking pale and weak. I ask Athena to give him wisdom, and a warrior’s strength to fulfill his legally elected duties and therefore to be listed among the decent men who occupied the Oval Office, like Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

Trump, with his fist pumps, malicious scowl, and ever-present posse presents a much stronger image. Can the American public ignore his dangerous threats and disapproving sneer to realize what self-serving ego really lurks behind them?

Stasia Millett


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