Letter: Vaccine has been vital in fighting COVID

Published: 06-25-2024 2:07 PM

You may disagree with him, but L. Phillips Runyon gets the facts straight, or at least doesn’t cherry-pick numbers to support his cause. Central in Cole Mills’ letter published in this newspaper on June 20 (“The opposite of ‘common good’”) are misleading “facts” that minimize COVID morbidity and the role of vaccines' fights against the viral disease.

According to a variety of sources, including the WHO and CDC, since its onset in March of 2020, over 1.1 million deaths were caused, at least in part, by COVID. That's a shocking number, even though it represents around 1% of cases. A severe spike in the number of cases happened in late 2021, just as the mRNA-based vaccines were being introduced. The number of cases dropped precipitously thereafter and have remained very low through 2023.

Notably, the death rate also dropped precipitously, attributable to vaccinations. Numerous studies have shown, too, that populations refusing to get vaccinated are two to four times more susceptible to death by the disease. Ask the over 230 million U.S. citizens (70%) how “experimental” the vaccine was or still is or why the spurious arguments against vaccinations persist.

William Kennedy


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