Letter: Don’t print lies

Published: 04-16-2024 9:24 AM

I was disappointed to read in the April 4 edition of the Ledger, a letter from Charles Krause of Peterborough. I wasn't so much disappointed in the content (which we're all too used to seeing these days), but the fact it was printed at all. Surely the Ledger-Transcript wouldn't print lies or reckless accusations against an individual or protected class? So why print the same when it applies to Democrats?

I understand letters to the editor are often just opinion, but the (obviously Fox News-influenced) opinion printed is exactly what's causing so much division and anger in our society these days. This seems to be a recent phenomena where news organizations believe that in the interests of a fair and balanced forum, they should publish all arguments regardless of how true they are. Well, lies don't provide a fair and balanced argument, they corrupt it.

I wish the media (Ledger-Transcript included) would apply a bit more journalistic integrity. So I request you no longer print such false and partisan views again, left or right, whether it be about Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, whatever. It's distasteful and unworthy of a local community newspaper such as the Ledger-Transcript. If you wish to become Fox News or MSNBC, then please make that clear so I can cancel my subscription.

I'm not a Democrat, I'm an independent who is sick of the lies and extremism poisoning our political debate.

James Gates