Letter: More Than One Man

Published: 07-05-2024 4:03 PM

A friend of mine who lives in Virginia sent me a note after the debate -- “My two cents. If there was disappointment in last night's telecast, in my opinion, it should not be because of Biden's performance. If there is a problem, it is because as a society we expect our public leaders to be quick on their feet, nimble in a debate environment and perfectly on pitch with soaring rhetoric. In fact, they are just as human and occasionally frail as the rest of us. The most we should expect is honesty and a measure of competence and good faith. Yes, it would be nice if Biden were a combination of Charlton Heston and John Wayne, but he's not. So what? He is generally truthful and fairly accomplished. We have met the enemy, and it is us.”

What he said should be the drumbeat from now until Election Day. President Joe Biden’s administration has made major accomplishments in spite of irrational and deceitful opposition. A presidential term is not a one-man show. It has a huge cast, many appointed by the president and others already serving as dedicated public servants.We have two administrations. Compare them. Which one do you want serving our society and representing our nation abroad? Another Biden administration will continue to improve the lives of people at home and abroad and perpetuate our democracy serving as an example to the world. Imagine four years of what the other administration will bring.

Ronald Cheney


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