Letter: Have at least a little hope

Published: 06-28-2024 11:17 AM

We can do better. We can have a future based in reality, but not by continuing to support the corrupt system that has navigated the path that has brought us to today – to a climate crisis, to corporate control of government, to an unbelievable genocide in Gaza.

Americans are supposed to be courageous. Well then stand up, speak out and cast your vote in November with hope and courage. Because this is a time when cowardice will be the doom of the people. The doom of the future. The doom of our children and grandchildren. Instead, be hopeful. Be brave. Dare to vote for a future that you can actually believe in, instead of one the party line is trying so hard to persuade you to believe in.

Vote your heart. Vote your soul. Vote for a future. Vote third-party.

Chris Balch


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