Anchored Tiny Homes offers new housing option

For homeowners looking to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on their property, New Hampshire Housing offers many resources and guides to help. Visit for more.

For homeowners looking to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on their property, New Hampshire Housing offers many resources and guides to help. Visit for more. —PHOTO COURTESY ANCHORED TINY HOMES


NH Business Review

Published: 03-07-2024 10:45 AM

California-based Anchored Tiny Homes is branching out into New England with two new franchised locations in Concord and Lowell, Mass., offering a potential new solution to the housing crisis -- accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

Since 2017, when the NH Accessory Dwelling Units statute (RSA 674:71-73) became law, ADUs have been a hot topic as a means for housing opportunities on current properties without further land development. Essentially, ADUs can be used as residential living units that exist on the same property as single-family homes.

While some ADUs operate as an in-law apartment, extra storage, an office space, pool house or other use, Anchored Tiny Homes CEO Colton Paulhus sees it as a long-term solution to many facing homelessness.

“Depending on what study you read, there’s anywhere from 6.5 million to 10 million homes or residence houses that need to be built (in the U.S.). We’re so behind. It’s like we’re just not going to catch up with single-family homes. You have to get creative.”

Getting creative is the company’s specialty. Instead of prefabricating structures to be used as ADUs, Anchored Tiny Homes works one-on-one with homeowners to custom build the ADU of their choice.

After hiring local talent to help retrofit the new structure, an aging parent or new tenant could be moving in in just six months. And as a bonus to homeowners, their home equity could see a potential boost.

“Why not add value to your property by building an ADU and financing it?” asks Paulhus. “The finance payment is less than renting an apartment. So, it makes sense for a lot of people from an investment standpoint.”

Paulhus first started the family-owned company with his brother, Austin, and father, Scott, in Sacramento, Calif, in 2019, and later expanded the company with 29 franchises in 61 territories across the country.

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With Scott’s extensive background in construction, and the drive to help solve the housing crisis, the Paulhus trio’s passion for creating unique living spaces can be seen in every project their team completes.

Over the past few years, the demand for ADUs has only increased, so Anchored Tiny Homes franchisees have been busy at work helping to build new living units, and even convert basements or garages, so more people can live right at home.

Paulhus shared, “Customers all across the country want ADUs, and not many companies specialize in them. So, we’re just really excited to expand into new markets. We choose people (franchise owners) that are going to run it (the franchise) like a local family business. One of the biggest things we’re proud about is that family component.”

The new Anchored Tiny Homes franchise in Concord is expected to start operations in April.

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