Letter: They are not all rich

Published: 06-28-2024 11:16 AM

A woman driving past us at Black Lives Matter vigil screamed out her driver's window that we were wasting our time. She said they are all rich and powerful. 

I guess she has never driven through slums nor passed the shacks on out-of-the-way roads in the Deep South seeing how many Black residents live. I stopped to visit an elder Black man living just off the highway finding my way to his dead-end street. He had trouble walking, but lived in his tiny house, managing the steps and having to walk out back to his outhouse.

If one only observes television and articles following wealthy athletes and actors, you could assume “they” are all rich. But what about all the ordinary people like the rest of us white folks? Did this yelling woman think she is deprived because she did not become rich and powerful like the select Black people she was referencing?

Us ordinary folks standing at vigil are not standing there promoting rich Black people. We are standing for each of us human beings being equally accepted as people. Why would I support rich people of any color for their richness when I am not rich?

Kath Allen